This Stop

by The Unholy Racket

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The first recording by JAKKSEN FISH & THE UNHOLY RACKET, This Stop is the gathering of the diverse range of the musical beast of The Unholy Racket. Served up hot off the mind of Jakksen Fish, this recording takes you on a journey through the various neighborhoods of Melbourne's north, through various states of life.

Recorded over three days of mischief and mayhem, the raw feeling from all combatants involved comes across in an honest, and frank expression of living in the various states of modern life.


released December 21, 2011

All Songs Written by: Jakksen Fish, 2011

Performed by: Jakksen Fish & The Unholy Racket, JT Desert, JJ Symon, Mirika Flegg

Produced by: Jakksen Fish & JJ Symon

Mixed by: JJ Symon

Mastered by: Joey @ Audiotrash Media

Artwork by: Jakksen Fish

An EOI Production



all rights reserved


The Unholy Racket Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Bandito

Jose was known by those amongst him,
to be a treacherous man.
With the taste of a drink in the space of a blink,
You’d feel the weight of his calloused hand.
Hombre, Jose, weekend bandito
Monday to Friday, he lived incognito

Saturday his pistola sings,
a sea of blood greets the sand
Sunday church bells do ring
To the rhythm of Jose’s hand
Hombre, Jose, fulltime bandito
Monday to Friday no longer incognito
There was trouble were ever he goes

Then finally the day when Jose did pay,
For the web of deceit he had spun.
After soaking his soul with the devils below,
a life by the smoking gun.

Jose was known by those amongst him,
to be a treacherous man.
With the impact of lead in the back of his head,
His blood now greets the sand.
Hombre, Jose, meet the badest Gringo.
Five shots and his body dropped,
Way down below,
Way down, way down, way down below.
Track Name: Apples

Come on baby we can get along.
Showing you no money still your love stays strong.
Move along honey, we can move on.
Need no time to see your right,
when I’m wrong for me.

Come along baby, come along
Come along my love I know you’re the one
Sign your name with me on the apple tree

Rain will fall upon us & true will be the sun
Need no time to see & you know,
that I am right for thee.
Holding onto your photo when I’m gone
So far south I see your smile it guides me

Come along baby, we can get along
Need no money for a love so strong
Moving on baby, we are moving on
To a shady spot beside the sea underneath the apple tree
Track Name: Waking The Dead (W.T.D)

Quietly I whisper what I should have said.
Am I talking to the dead?
Sideways I stumble to go ahead,
Heavy words weigh down my head.

They are) when will I return?
When will I have learnt?

I think it’s a tram, don’t know where I am?
I Cannot make out the number.
Still I stumble aboard to rowdy applause,
I salute them all with my Vodka.

Now I’m sharing stories with the young & old,
This is the one, I should have told.
Don’t count them chickens,
before the eggs have hatched,
Or the key will never turn over the latch.

It’s best to return,
To repair the bridges burnt.
So I take my advice & don’t look twice,
I already know the number.
Then I stagger in on my drunken legs,
Vibrations waking up the dead.

You know I have returned,
To repair the bridges burnt.
Track Name: My Darling Gardens (M.D.G.)

That evening I stumbled along,
through the park.
Inebriated I fumbled along for the spark.
With loneliness filling my chest,
an empty forty four gallon barrel.
With no fuel to fire this anger on,
these legs of mine,
blindly carried me on home.

Picturesque it was at the start.
We shared the feelings,
from our lonesome hearts.
The bottles drained,
and then things turned dark
& on a blunt line your words were sharp,
so sharp.
You say when loneliness is filling my chest.
You find my deepest words to be shallow.
With no fuel to fire this anger on,
These legs of mine,
Blindly carry me on home.

The following day when I hear that call,
You tell me where I end sweet darling
& where you begin.
With no fuel to fire this anger on anymore,
I roll myself one up & walk the garden alone.
Track Name: Rucker's Fool

Sometimes I feel so frustrated,
Too often your eyes show me just the same.
It’s then I feel the need to be emancipated,
from all of these foolish games.

When I find myself discombobulated
You can lay so close still I’m out of reach.
I know I can make you feel so alienated,
With all of these foolish games,

I know your not up with
what’s going down, around here.
When I’m top’n up on Rucker’s Hill
Rolling down with a belly full of beer.

When I come home to you,
so inebriated.
The sadness that fills your eyes,
I fail to understand.
Until I rise on the ‘morrow,
& re-evaluate it.
& see you tire of all these foolish games.
Foolish games,
Foolish games.
Track Name: Devil In The Woods

Hillbilly Jim started way back &
Now bones fill his closet to the brim
With angels wings outstretch a devil’s hand
His melodic words draw you in

He couldn’t hold a job as well as the axe in his hands
His toll tonight will bring the hitchhikers end

Was time ever gonna catch-up on him
His devil eyes & the demons within
Each day he tries to hide the grin
We know he is dry of guilt yet soaked in sin
His prey in sight the devil grips his axe again
His toll tonight will be the hitchhikers head

So you better run for your lives
Devils in the woods again
Run for your life the devil has his axe in hand
Is always up to no good,
he is the devil in the woods.
Is always up to no good
he’s the devil in the woods.

(The devil in the woods) -back-up vocals till end
It seems that you did not evade him
On the morro’ the authorities alert your kin.
They say you where last seen heading south hitchhiking and that’s where,
Hillbilly Jim started way back and…..